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A cookie is a small file that is downloaded in your computer when you visit certain sites. By the cookies, a website is allowed to, among other things, store and recover information about a user or equipment surfing habits, and depending of the content information and the way of how the equipment is used, these cookies can be used to recognise the user.


Technical cookies: Are those that allow the user to navigate through a website , platform or application and the use of different options or services that the website hosts, such as controlling traffic and data communication ,identifying the session , accessing to restricted parts, remembering the elements that integrate an order, making the buying process of an order, making an application or participation form of an event, using security features while the browsing, storing content for video or sound streaming or sharing content via social networks.

Analytical cookies: Are those that allow the responsible of them, to see the monitoring and analyzing the behavior of website users’ to which they are linked. The information collected by these cookies is used to measurate the activity of web, application or platform sites and to know what kind of user profiles’ are browsing such sites , applications and platforms, in order to make improvements based on analysis of usage data.



According to the current law, we must ask permission to manage cookies. If you decide not to authorize the treatment indicating that you disagree it, we do not install any cookie. If you decide to modify the configuration of your access to the website , you should know that it is possible to delete cookies or prevent the recording of this information on your computer at any time by modifying the settings in your browser:

If you agree with our cookies policy, click on I accept the use of cookies in the box below. The cookies will be installed.

More information

For more information about the policy of cookies, please see the Boletín Oficial del Estado published last March 31, 2012 ( for Spain ) , in which are described the directives on electronic communications .You can also check the policy on Information Commissioner Office (in English ) . Additionally , you can access a training videos published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency in which is explained, step by step, how to set privacy options of the browsers, social networks and mobile operating systems in Videos AEPD.

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