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Our adventure in Poblenou began in the Springtinme. If we look back in time, it seems almost impossible but in 2008 our shop opened its doors in Barcelona.
The experience that we want you to live in our shop is exactly based on the same values that we would expect: kindness, hospitality, professionalism. In short, we care of customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, we have worked primarily on decoration. All decorative details, such as frames, the closet, the wallpaper, the marble bath, were chosen or even restored by us. Overall, we have created a vintage space, with rococó touches, which create an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. Similarly, each piece of our clothing has been personally selected by us from the collections of our favourite brands to make you feel special, original and different: a few sizes, few repetitions, though so much variety of models and styles.

Finally, but not least in order of importance, one of our strengths is that we are totally focused on the outfits that suits best to you: from clothes to change wardrobe; weddings, baptisms or special events dressess; accessories to give away a special gift; achieving a daily or office new look; choosing colour, etc. Besides, we offer a quick tailoring service to match outfits with your needs.
What do you think? If still in doubt, come to visit us, let yourself be advised, and you end up satisfied.

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